September Forecast


September is going to be a high impact month!  Overall, September is always the ninth month of the year, so there is always that period of ending, culmination, and new beginnings as we set off into Fall.  August and September are the months of harvest and reaping what you’ve sown.  This month the Universal Number is 3, which is a highly charged and creative time.  3 is excitable, optimistic, social and talkative (just as the Universal Year is), but with those highs come the lows of feeling out of place, depressed, misunderstood, and lacking inspiration.  Remember that 3 is a crowd, so be cautious of new information coming to light this month which may cause distress, trust will be tested at this time.  Be careful of what you say because people may just take it the wrong way or pass it on this month, between the excitable 3 and Mercury’s Retrograde.

This month provides a wonderful opportunity for Virgos with the New Moon in Virgo on the 8th, and Mercury returning to its direct station on the 12th, you have the chance to put your ducks in a row for the coming year while the sun is in your sign.  To everyone, go back to the drawing board, double check your numbers and your plans, and take care in building the foundation of your new beginnings.  Cut ties with that which no longer serves you: people, attitudes, and oversight.  You have the opportunity to build your dreams into reality right now, but it all begins with the first step, getting your ideas from your mind and begin putting them into action.  Draw up your plans, journal, and do your soul searching to decide your next step.

On the 22nd we have the Autumnal Equinox and the sun moving into Libra while the 23rd brings us a Full Moon in Aries, a potent combination of for those who wish to take a grand leap of faith into the vast unknown!  Now, that being said, while Aries is excitable and ambitious, we are cautioned to know what we are getting into before moving forward, so be sure you have  done your research and are well equipped during the first half of the month in order to make full use of this time.

This month offers a grand transformation, first we spend time looking within and are taking in vast quantities of information, and then we can use it in order to create the best outcome.  With this creative flow available to us, we have charm and youthful ambition on our side as we strive to reach for new and better things.  Whether you are working on a self-transformation, a new business idea or revamping an old one, now is a wonderful time to put it out there and prepare for a wonderful opportunity.  If you stick with your inner and outer work, you should see the fruits of your labor in about 9 months.  Ha!  Sounds like a baby, right?  Well, that is possible, too, but really anything you begin now will likely turn out in that time frame.  Good luck to you!

June 2010 Numerology and Astrology

This month has been a doozy for me and I’m sure for you as well, hence the delay in writing.  So, without further delay, here we go:

June is always the 6th month in our calendar, so with it comes the influences of home and family; if you add this to our Universal 3 Year and we’ve got an overall influence of 9.  3-6-9.  Social, creative, family oriented, home-body, endings, letting go, turning over a new leaf.  We may have had to let go of family members, or at least reach new understandings; whether this be our mother, father, child or lover, relationships will not have left this month unchanged in one manner or another.  There will be choices, take the high road or the low road, the proverbial fork in the road detour.  Maybe what you had planned wasn’t what was planned for you.

This month it is likely that you have had to extend a financial offer to someone who is in need, reach out to your community if possible, in any way.  Many people hear the word “community” and they are concerned that it means the entire town they live in, so they think the work is too much, but really, community is about people coming together, sharing food, work, and even childcare, so look to your neighbors and extend a hand and you will be reaching out to your own personal community.

It is also very likely that this month you will be making changes to your home to make it the place you hoped it would be.  Bring in some color, rearrange the furniture, look up some Feng Shui tips and do some space clearing and Solstice cleaning!  Speaking of which, Happy Summer Solstice to you all!  I hope that you had a chance to think about that which no longer serves you, and look to the future for what you would like to bring into your lives.  If not, you still have plenty of opportunity for that this Saturday (the 26th of June) when we will have a Lunar Eclipse in the busy sign of Capricorn.  For many this will be a time of letting go (waxing off) those aspects of our lives which are not working for us.  With Capricorn, it usually has to do with business and financial dealings, or at the very least, the overall approach that we take in our lives.  To get a better idea of how this eclipse will effect you, think back to 1992; if you are too young to remember 1992 you can use 2002.  Also, I recommend:

So, all in all, between the numbers, the eclipse and the Solstice, this entire month is a time of letting go, recharging, rethinking, rearranging, and reassessing goals and all aspects of our lives.  Get ready to turn the page as we move into a new cycle of rebirth!