July 2010 Numerology

Man, oh man, where does the time go?  It’s already well into July, but here we go!

This is the 7th month of the year, which makes this a month of introspection and reflection.  7s bring a spiritual rekindling through study and self-reflection as we all take a lesson from the Hermit and take some time to reassess our lives and pause to enjoy the moment.  This month is a wonderful opportunity to realign with the benefits of meditation and seeking your answers within.  This 3 year makes it more socially active than usual, so try not to dwell too much on interactions, and let things flow as they will.  People may take things personally, or you may worry that something came off wrong, so try to think before you speak.

This is the perfect time to decide your next move, with all of the recent change and incoming information it is now time to put it all together and see what you’ve got to work with.  There is also a Solar Eclipse in Cancer this weekend (the 11th), which is potent in both spiritual and earth-bound lessons and opportunities.  Turn the page and begin a new chapter, after you’ve taken some time to reflect and recommit.