August 2011 Numerology

Well, well, well, we’re finally moving past all of those eclipses from the last two months and into lovely sun in Leo.  Of course, Mercury has a trick up its sleeve as it decides to Retrograde from the 2nd until the end of the month.  This has a conflicting influence on the Numerology for this month.  All three Mercury Rx’s are happening in our fire signs this year, so depending on your chart, they may have a more or less profound effect.  August, being the eighth month, has an overall influence of 8, and in 2011 it resonates with the number 3 as well.

The way I see it this month will either be spectacular for you or very challenging, I don’t see much middle ground here.  Part of it is related to the Karmic influence of the 8, it represents gaining and enjoying your bounty if you have been working hard this 4 year, but it may be a big flop if you have been slacking off and avoiding your responsibilities or if you haven’t been focused in your efforts.  Of course, even if you have been working hard you may discover something was overlooked, so try to take the time to perfect your final draft.   The other chaotic this influence comes from the often dramatic 3, couple this with exuberant Leo and you’ve got a party or a disaster on your hands.

Retrograde periods are periods which allow us to look within and check in with our selves, our goals, aspirations, status quo, and relationships.  In August we have a chance to rekindle the passion or reassess a bad situation.  Due to the communicative nature of Mercury it is not uncommon to have information which has previously been hidden come to light, and with the 3 here, I could see former flames coming into the picture, or new love interests, or some meddling force making itself known.  Perhaps you or your partner have had a wandering eye and now it will come out!  Perhaps you’ve been fine all along, and then some new temptation comes along.  Trust your instincts and keep your wits about you, and remember to discern the difference between love and lust.  What has you feeling that way?  What are you (or your partner) needing that you are not receiving?  What are some fun ways to bring the spark back, or to find new love?  Also consider your own ego and emotional needs, maybe you’ve been too self-involved and needy, or not speaking up about your concerns.  Mull it over and discuss it with your partner, or if you are single, journal about it.

We are getting ready to empty our glass again as the Autumnal Equinox approaches, so use this time wisely to reflect on your passions, love life, ego and all matters of the heart.  At the same time, we have the 8 driving us to seek balance between work and play, the material world and the spiritual, and the Karmic lessons and bounties awaiting us.  Money issues may come up, most likely relating to you or a partner (or another loved one) spending too much time at work or being too spend-thrift/penny-pinching.  You reap what you sow, so if you’ve reigned yourself in this year you may be rewarded with a bonus, and if you have been spending too much you may feel overwhelmed with the bills piling up.

If you must make a purchase or sign a contract during this time make sure to read the fine print, check out the details and do your research.  Be patient, the paperwork may take longer than expected to file, a check to go through, or there may be an error in communication.  Be sure you know what you are getting into.  Or, if you’ve recently made that large purchase you may find little “surprises” about it in the near future.  The good news is that the information will come to light!

So, this month looks to either be passionate, romantic and exciting or be a challenging time where things aren’t quite working out the way you had hoped, people are getting in the way or blowing things out of proportion, and overall a pain.  Some highly transformational months are coming this way, so if life isn’t looking like you had hoped, be prepared for new opportunities!

August 2010 Numerology

Happy Birthday Leo!  This August is jam-packed, so I hope you’ve been working hard this year!  August is the 8th month of the year which means it always has the influence of 8 which is a karmic number carrying with it much ebb and flow.  If you have been working hard all year August is usually when you will reap the benefits, but if you have been slacking at all you will often find this month to be particularly challenging.  This year August carries with it the added 11/2 influence meaning that this year has been especially potent for our relationships (both romantic and otherwise) and communication.  Work on being more empathetic, compassionate and choosing words more carefully to reap the benefits of true communication, rather than responding defensively or offensively.  11 is a very spiritually potent number, combined with the karmic 8, be prepared to meet those whose souls are intertwined with your own; and remember that soul mates appear in many forms as those who are here to challenge and push us, some to guide us, and others to love and bring that feeling of completion or “home”.

Our relationships will be put to the test this month, so try to keep your patience about you.  If you make it through this month you are better for it, so rise to the occasion and dig deep into your being to emerge into a new reality.  Dreams will be especially potent so try to write them down for some deeper insights to be revealed.  If you are not in a relationship you will likely have a passionate encounter this month, and if you are in a relationship be prepared for emotional turmoil (either a healing cry/talk/argument/ending, or a rekindling of passions).

Also in the cards for this month is that you will be on the receiving end of news about a change in job or income for you (or a partner).  For many this will be wonderful news!

Take some time to reconnect with your self and your partner; meditate, exercise, communicate, write, be patient and remain hopeful.  Blessings!

July 2010 Numerology

Man, oh man, where does the time go?  It’s already well into July, but here we go!

This is the 7th month of the year, which makes this a month of introspection and reflection.  7s bring a spiritual rekindling through study and self-reflection as we all take a lesson from the Hermit and take some time to reassess our lives and pause to enjoy the moment.  This month is a wonderful opportunity to realign with the benefits of meditation and seeking your answers within.  This 3 year makes it more socially active than usual, so try not to dwell too much on interactions, and let things flow as they will.  People may take things personally, or you may worry that something came off wrong, so try to think before you speak.

This is the perfect time to decide your next move, with all of the recent change and incoming information it is now time to put it all together and see what you’ve got to work with.  There is also a Solar Eclipse in Cancer this weekend (the 11th), which is potent in both spiritual and earth-bound lessons and opportunities.  Turn the page and begin a new chapter, after you’ve taken some time to reflect and recommit.